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Sexual Fox Culture Presentation

I have created a new power point presentation for Sexual Fox Culture which I will be presenting at specific conventions.
You can download the presentation here:

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Hetero Asexual

Hetero Asexual or Hetero-romantic Asexual
Hetero meaning the liking or preference of the opposite gender. Asexual meaning the satisfaction with oneself.
To be a hetero Asexual can mean the possible definitions:
1. Likes or has preference of the opposite gender or the form of the opposite gender, but doesn’t not care or have a desire to seek a relationship with the opposite gender. Individuals with this type may also exclude female contact, or obtain a disregard or limitation to intimacy or sexuality with the opposite gender.
2. Has interest in the opposite gender’s form, but doesn't care for association with the opposite gender.
3. An individual who obtains a personal interest in the opposite gender, commonly arousal, but has no intention or desire to associate or engage in intimate relations with the opposite gender. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Vision of Sexual Culture

My Vision of Sexual Culture

These are the golden values for my idea of a sexual culture. They aren’t supposed to be taken seriously. I just thought I should put my ideas out there.

I still see sexuality as a seemingly taboo topic in the United States. After thinking about the idea for so long, I questioned the very sexual culture of the United States and of the world. I even talked about it at DEFCON 2015 with a group of very accepting strangers, at Burning Man 2016, and DEFCON 2016 at a small night panel. I wonder if there is a way to harmonize sexuality into a functional, casual, innocent, and everyday practice, and create values for a safer and more functional way of sexual activity. If I could create a functional and harmonized sexual culture what would it be? In this quick article I will describe my vision of what I think sexual culture should be; something I would like to call SFC (sexual fox culture), Bate Culture, or Disciplined Sexuality. Members of this expression can be called Masturbatists, Batists, or Red Tails. Another name for male participants are called Tods while female participants are called Vixens. Here is the golden list of what my vision for a liberal sexual culture for the United States would be like:

1. Females have freedom to be completely exposed. They can be nude anywhere they want. I would encourage them to be shameless of the exposure of their body at any place. I would encourage that being topless, bottomless, wearing lingerie, or only wearing their bra or panties publicly is a common normal street fashion and trend. I would discourage them from participating if they are morbidly obese or may not look too visually appealing. I would encourage them that when it’s hot outside to feel free and open to strip completely naked. If they want to take a tan outside, they can do it anywhere free of judgment. I also strongly encourage that the use of nudity remains innocent, polite, considerate, and carefree. I believe female nudity should be a respected and a natural casual social activity and norm. I think this idea will encourage personal physical fitness and display the beautiful display of the female form.

2. All females can masturbate and pleasure themselves wherever they want as long as they can maintain a hygienic and clean area. I would encourage them to bring a towel and anti-germ lotion. In addition, I would like to state, I am greatly inspired by the Chaturbate community and would love to see how the idea of Chaturbate can form a functional sexual-harmonious society and environment in real life.

3. All females are part of a sisterhood. Part of a sisterhood is that they can engage in intimate female sexual activity with each other as a natural and casual activity. They can do this because there is no sexual harm from this activity. I think this activity can bring females closer together.

4. I would make a masturbation culture where masturbation is a common activity among friends. We encourage females and males to engage in masturbation with each other as a common friendship activity. I would encourage mutual masturbation among the opposite genders. If others don’t want to show their genitals, I would encourage them to use a blanket to cover their activity or pleasure themselves with their clothes on (dry masturbation). I would make it to where touching, masturbating each other, and engaging in oral activities is normal but only by consent. The idea of having all sexual activities by consent will be a vital value in such pleasurful activities. I would strongly forbid sexual penetration of the male and female genitals, because it has the ability to create life. I would make it part of masturbation culture to prevent such action and to respect all life. Since I also value marriage, I think this is a good replacement for sexual activity and a good way to create value where people prize their virginity and want to get a partner to spend the rest of their life with and to have sexual intercourse as a way to keep the marriage strong, special, and fresh.

5. Males would be limited in nudity and cannot participate in public masturbation. Their nudity would be allowed only around water recreational areas, parks, and around their property. I would encourage males to only display nudity if they are visually pleasant by being well groomed, perhaps completely hairless, or having minimal amount of body hair. Males would also have to regard females with a high priority of respect while participating in the sexual culture. I would encourage males to prize their erections as a tribute to arousal, praise, and appreciation and to show it off freely (with clothes on unless in water recreational areas). I would also strongly encourage males to relieve themselves in private when they obtain a strong urge for lust, become too aroused, or have the desire to get back to having a neutral sexuality-free mindset. They are free to masturbate around their own property, inside their own vehicles, and in places that might be allow for male masturbation. I would encourage places like movie theaters, libraries, and maybe public transportation and parks).

6. Allow for complete intercourse with full penetration of the female and male genitals that can be exposed in public after a couple has been officially married. A good suggestion is the use of their wedding rings to make this ideal.

7. Males and females are encouraged to participate in gender cohesion. I would encourage males and females to share restrooms, dressing rooms, and participate in activities that are gender opposite or gender free. I would also encourage males and females to have the luxury of sleeping together (nonsexually) and perhaps even groom, dress, and bathe with each other. I think this is a possible way to harmonize genders while creating a culture where individuals can both find partners to spend the rest of their lives with.

8. The protection of these ideas and that they keep to their core values, and to prohibit them from being progressive. I discourage the idea of having another Sodom and Gomora. I would like these ideas to be the unchangeable core of the sexual culture and to not evolve into anything else that could later demoralize innocence, decay marriage, and the human sexual experience.

In conclusion, I think this version of sexual culture can establish a code of values to which can respect the female form and sexuality, can create genders cohesion while also encourage marriage, and can establish a functional and harmonious sexual culture.

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Western Edo Japan Idea

A long time ago I came up with an idea. If I had a lot of money this is what I would do. I would buy many acres and build a Japanese town with a unique westernized Japanese culture. I would call this place Edo and in it will also have a unique sexual culture.

I have put together a presentation which you can download and view online as a PDF. You can find a link here:

You can also see it on the deviantart page here, however you would have to sign in:

My Best Friend and Origins for My Story Ideas

 Hello everyone, I had some requests over where I get my ridiculous story ideas from. Most of my stories come from my fantasy; however, they are also inspired by my best friends. Specifically, my roommate. We used to share a lot of ideas when we lived together. I think it's a rather unique story about how we made our relationship and how she became my best friend.

Foremost, I identify myself as an Asexual or Hertero-A sexual (or a virginist-hetero sexual), because I don't crave a relationship with another person. I do like females but have no desire to engage in a relationship or even sexually. That's right. I prize my virginity. I despise the drama and constant need to maintain giving females my constant attention. I love being introverted and doing things on my own. Please don't get the wrong impression of me. I'm not insane and I love people, I enjoy hanging out with friends, and I get along amazingly with co-workers. In addition, I have four degrees and see myself as rather successful in my career.

I often come and go from work and hang out with friends and co-workers on the weekend. By definition it's the true life of a peaceful and carefree bachelor. One weekend after a camping trip, I met with an old friend from high school. She was moving and needed a place to stay. I turned down the offer politely, practically making myself feel like a jerk even though I didn't care. Two days later she showed up at my door steps. One of my other friends brought her to my house and told me to help her out as a favor of them for fixing my car. Therefore, I didn't want to be the guy that turned down his friend and so I let her in. I knew what I was getting myself into letting a foreign invader into my private space. I gave her a room and a few days to go get her own place. I tried my best not to make it awkward. I'm sure she realized I was very much out of my comfort zone. For three days I mostly ignored her but we swapped small talk here and there. On the fourth night, I was playing Fallout 3. She came home with some groceries and saw me playing. Surprisingly she was a gamer and also liked Fallout. She put the groceries away and sat on the couch and watched me play. We didn't really talk much; she gave me good suggestions and made jokes about some of the crazy glitches we encountered in the game. It was a good way to break the ice between us. We began talking about games and eventually stayed up until 2am talking about relationships, aliens, and conspiracy. I discovered she was really cool. Seeing that she was getting a bit too close, I kind of began to feel uncomfortable so I decided to go to bed. The rest of the week we were cool with each other. She did her thing and I did mine. Eventually she talked me into being a roommate and since we got along well with each other, I agreed. After a month, she felt like a much closer person to me, of course nothing sexual (aside from jokes). We always worked out minor differences. We continued the same way throughout our second month and got into a routine of spending the evening with each other. I would play games, paint, write, draw, watch TV, and even cook while she would read, watch tv, play games, listen to music and surf the web. It was a very interesting and casual relationship. I would say it was a relationship where we both felt comfortable but mature. It was very much a pleasant relationship.

Then around the middle of the next month, her friend came over. She introduced me and I heard a lot of bad things about this friend of hers. She knew I didn't like her from all the crazy things she was involved in. When evening came, my roommate and her friend was plastered. The saying tequila makes her clothes fall off was an understatement. They asked me a bunch of personal questions and hit on me all evening, but I kept my distance. I mostly stayed in the kitchen cleaning because of how uncomfortable the questions made me. A question that completely shocked me was if I didn't mind seeing my roommate naked or in her underwear. I couldn't come up with a straight answer because I was turned on yet keeping my distance. It was like my brain said no, but my hormones were begging yes. I remember replying if she wants to not wear anything, that's her business. I didn't expect her to seem alright with it. I then left to go to bed as they drank and lauphed all night talking to each other. I woke up around 4am to go and check on them and the condition of the house. In the living room, I found my roommate was only in her bra and underwear passed out on the sofa while her friend was completely naked passed out on the living room floor. I put a blanket over each of them and went back to bed.

In the morning it was the choir of hangovers. I woke up to find them both in the bathroom puking their brains out. I held my roommate's hair as she puked what appeared to be red wine into the toilet. Her friend sat naked in the bathtub in warm water. Although underdressed they didn't seem to care. I also learned never get drunk on red wine, because you'll find yourself in the ride of your life the next morning. After my roommate felt better she joined me cleaning the rest of the house. Surprisingly, she was still in her bra and panties. I felt embarrassed because my male instinct wouldn't let me look away. She caught me staring and joked about it. She also told me that she understood I was a guy and that she didn't care if I looked, she said she felt comfortable around me. I thought she was really awesome and one of the coolest girls I had ever met.
Eventually her friend was okay to drive and she went home, and for the rest of the afternoon my roommate watched me play GTAV while we both snacked on Doritos, oven-made pizza, Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew. The typical nerd stereotypical afternoon. On top of that she was only wearing a striped T-shirt and panties. A total win.

The rest of the month went by and life carried on. To my surprise, she would do things I would have never dreamed about from other females. A good example is that I would get internally excited when she would walk around in her underwear, without a bra, and in not so often occasions completely naked like after she gets out of the shower or when she wakes up in the morning. I remember there was an evening when I came home and she was doing yoga completely naked and would go into the kitchen making all these weird protein blend drinks. They were like witch craft potions. She would layout a mess of ingredients all over the place on the counter. She would drive my hormones absolutely crazy. So crazy that that I would have to spend some lone time by myself (if you get what i mean). This is where most people don't believe me and why I think shows my Asexual or hetero-A sexual characteristics. Prepare yourself, this is where it gets mature. I personally prefer to fap by myself and not have intercourse with the opposite gender, because of the level of intimacy and how I would feel not being true to myself. I mean even at my current age I'm still a virgin and I want it to be that way until maybe I find a person i want to marry. Call me insane or mentally ill what have you, but that's the way I choose myself to stay. I don't think there's anyone who shares the same preference I do. Nonetheless, whenever I feel aroused, I would rub one out and the feeling of being aroused would go away, so when I see my roommate again, I can go back to being normal.

After a few weeks later, around summer, she would wear her booty shorts and I would find myself often aroused. I would fap in the bathroom and rub one out almost every day. One day she called me out and made a joke as I forgot to flush the toilet. I felt so embarrassed I left my man juices behind. It felt like my dirty thoughts had manifested showing off who I really was, but surprisingly she didn't seem to be grossed out about it. In the end she told me to flush my baby making love serum after I finish doing the nasty. I didn't feel too bad because she also had plenty of awkward moments as well, such as when she would fap at night to sleep. I would joke about it the next morning by asking her how well she slept. I could tell she was also embarrassed about it even though she played it off by telling me to mind my own business. I was cool with it, we were only human and not perfect. We joked about it and didn't take things personal.

Around the start of summer, was when things got really steamy. I took more days off and spent them playing games on steam like kerbal space program, space engineers, and minecraft (I also got my roommate into minecraft btw), it was fun playing and making things in the middle of the new biomes). She also began using social streams like chaturbate to make money online. She told me she was into doing naughty things online and I wasn't bothered by it. She was free to do whatever she liked. Well, as long she didn't bring any guys home. After a while I even let her use the living room couch whenever her room got too hot. I soon discovered she would do her erotic thing online while I played Starcraft II. She didn't even mind me as I would watch her strip completely naked and fap with the variety of toys she had. It was sexy that i would never dream a person would do something so private so openly in front of a guy of a different gender. Strangely, if I can express myself openly and maybe controversially, I think it was because of this I felt there wasn't much a difference between our genders. I guess this also made me feel that the difference between genders was seemingly nonexistent between each other. Whenever I got too aroused I would leave and do the you know what in the bathroom and come back. She also began to become very touchy feely, like hugging me, leaning on me, putting her arm around me, and even giving me undesired back massages. I would normally be uncomfortable, but I felt okay with it. I also felt there was feelings growing between us.

Sometime in the middle summer she snuck into my room at night and laid beside me in bed. She nibbled on my ear and put my leg in between hers trying to I guess seduce me. But instead of being seduced I kissed her on the forehead and cuddled with her instead. We talked very intimately with each other and she told me how cool and interesting I was and that she had never met another guy like me. I was completely honest and told her sex wasn't my thing, surprisingly she told me she didn't care and we ended up cuddling all night. The next morning she woke up super excited and jumped on my bed to wake me up. She made fun of my morning wood and rolled me out of bed. She chased me around my room and then jumped on my bed onto my back, pulling me down onto my bed and then breaking the bottom part of the bed. The entire bed sank in one direction. We had to stack books to prevent it from sinking. I cooked her breakfast and things seemed to be very different that morning. It felt like a relationship but not one that people usually have. It was more like a relationship with a best friend. We both had our own individuality but somehow felt a connection and did things whenever we wanted at the same time as if a couple. Like a relationship in which we didn't care about the imperfections we had. It was what I would describe a true friendship relationship. I have a feeling of it, but it's hard to describe. We also began going out to restaurants more often with each other. We would even walk in the park together, sometimes not saying a word but admiring nature around us. Often she would drag and push me out of the house. Since I can't stand her driving, I would always drive instead. I can make an encyclopedia of all the wrong things she's ever done on the road and how because of her good luck she never manages to get caught. We would often pay for our own meals, but we would also treat each other as well in different occasions. For example, she took me to a Excalibur restaurant where the nights would fight as you ate. I also remember going to a little walk through a neighborhood near downtown Austin on a street filled with restaurants, we went to an Indian cuisine restaurant and the entire time she would tease me. It gets pretty hot here so hang on. She would flash her breast playfully hiding it from others around us and then put her foot between my legs trying to elicit a sexual reaction from me. I would flick her foot and try to pluck her leg hairs because she forgot to shave. This is when things got super steamy. During the car ride home, she had striped off all her clothes and was sitting completely naked in the front seat while casual often pleasuring herself. I was having a hard time with my eyes fixed on the road as she moaned in the seat beside me and rubbed her hands in my hair while joking with me making fun of people who were lovey dovey with each other. Surprisingly at the stop lights nobody ever noticed. When we reached home, she walked out of the car completely nude and walked in the middle of the street and began to dance. It was the most wildest thing she had ever done. Then she went into the house and began dancing in the living room. I had to go back outside and pick up her clothes from the car. When I got inside the house, she jumped on my back and hung on. I couldn't help but feel aroused, I held her on by holding her on my back and walking around the house. Eventually I stopped in front of the couch and dropped her off, she fell on the couch and tried to pull me down. She then wanted me to undress. After telling her no so many times she began to undo my belt. I pulled away but she wouldn't stop. Then I turned around and put my belt back on. She then hugged me and told me she wanted me every way possible. I told her she was crazy and then she settled down and told me I was no fun and I began to play GTAV. She sat there completely naked beside me with her legs across my lap. I ignored her and eventually she calmed down completely. I then began to watch Netflix and she rested her head on my lap, eventually she fell asleep. Becoming tired, I leaned over and laid down on the couch with her warm naked body beside me. I didn't care at this point she had walked around the house naked so many times, she was practically a nudist. We didn't say anything but we laid until we fell asleep. Around midnight, she began putting her fingers in my hair and eventually felt her way down to my stomach. She crawled on top of me and told me how she was feeling sexually excited. She then asked if I wanted to watch porn with her. I did watch porn from time to time, but never with the opposite gender. Feeling aroused, she then sat on the floor and lifted her laptop open. I couldn't believe I was about to watch porn with the opposite gender. This idea had gotten me a little excited. We took forever trying to find a common sexual interest but eventually we settle for Japanese porn. We both sat back on the couch and watched. We talked and joked about stereotypes and different stereotypical accents and even moans. We carried on our conversation even as I watched her pleasure herself. She encouraged me to get past my hard shell and to fap with her. She asked that being such great friends that it was to be our own unique friendship thing. Feeling very moist from the sexual vibe in the room. She eventually got me to pulled down my pants and exposed my genitals. For almost two hours we both masturbated together. It was the most interesting experience I had ever had. I felt we were exactly the same despite gender differences. Being I had never had anything related to sex before, it was an extremely arousing feeling. She let me touch her breast and the rest of her body. She has an amazing pale white figure and A-cup breasts. I let her wiggle my penis around. She asked if she could put it in her mouth but I told her some other time, I didn't feel comfortable for that yet. It was already by far over the top already in my opinion simply to share such an intimate experience. Eventually, I got up and walked to the bathroom and rubbed another out. I sat back on the sofa completely nude and eventually she finished. I expected everything to be awkward later, but it didn't feel awkward. We instead cooked oven made tacos and laughed at Tom and Jerry while snacking on tortia chips and dip while in the complete nude. After eating chips we brushed our teeth together and both slept in my room (also nonsexual). From then on we were cool seeing each other naked. Also unknowingly, we seem to also do things more as a couple. Controversially, we would often spend the night masturbating with each other and I had fun. We did this sort of thing ever couple of days a week. Sometimes to the point we would casually bate and ask if we were done yet. Controversially, it was as easy as asking if we wanted to play videogames. She would often be the person to ask of course. Strangely, it was also a pleasant and not an uncomfortable experience. Sometimes she would let me finger and play with her using her small collection of toys and I would let her ejaculate me and suck on my junk. I still refused to lose my virginity and I'm glad she respected that. She never really questioned me why. Later on her friends would often come over sometimes and we would all eventually all fap together. It became our friendship thing. It became casual to the point where we would be talking on the sofa laughing and one of my friends would reach their hands into their clothes and casually masterbate in the middle of conversation. It lead us to become very close to each other and the best part was I was the only guy. I find it humbling they were all comfortable with me and would invite me to go shopping and attend local events. A very cool, unique, and accepting group of friends. I quote, "I'm part of the girls or sisterhood". They acted more like guys, however. They still stop by here and then from time to time. I just leave the door open sometimes. Controversially, I feel that sort of friendship among different genders should maybe be mainstream one day. Where male and females that are friends see each other in a similar light and have the openness to do these things together that were private; of course without the need for sexual organ penetration. That's my own personal belief. I'm weird like that I guess. Nonetheless, that night made us more closer than ever. I felt we were really close friends.

A few months later her job as a dentist assistant caused her to relocate to Dallas. I felt devastated and I’m sure she did to. It was tough helping her pack. It was tough living without her. I see how Romeo felt without Juliet now. Heart breaks fuk'n hurts man. Many friends believe she was perfect for me. But I guess just like me in a way, I guess she was also afraid of commitment. I also couldn't imagine myself getting married to my best friend. She told me she didn't like the idea of marriage so I respect that from her. Now, I visit her a few time ever year and she drops by for a surprise visits. Of course no erotic business (still virgin btw). So far this year, I've visited her twice and I’m planning to visit her a third time and go to the movies to see Superman vs Batman. She's a big Marvels fan. I'm glad we still act as if nothing had changed. I eventually plan to take her on a trip to Brazil, where I've spent a lot of my life growing up. My greatest discontent is that if she eventually gets a boyfriend. I would feel things would never to be the same. However, I would still push her to be happy in life.

Well, that's my story of where the origins for my ideas come from. Call me twisted, perverted, or whatever you fancy, this is an extension of my fantasy, my art, and that which I believes defines me. Those who support me. A huge thank you! Take care!

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Hello, I'm Davidwhiterock27

Hello, My name is Davidwhiterock27. My real name is David White and I live in Austin Texas. I am an erotic writer and a sexual visionary. I'm writing this blog to show my creativity in the stories I write. All my stories have to do with sexual deviance and creating a unique and innocent culture that takes sexuality into a place between the gaps of originality and mainstream sexual culture. It's my vision to create a mainstream sexually harmonious culture where everyone is free to be themselves and express themselves with ethical nudity and functional and harmonious eroticism. I will elaborate more in the posts to come

The stories are intended for a mature audience and can only be found here:

Although you might have to sign up for deviantart, I encourage all readers to sign up and read as much of my stories as you want. Although I won't be posting all the time, I will post many of the items I think is worth sharing in this blog, so feel free to explore and check it out.