Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sexual Fox Culture Presentation

I have created a new power point presentation for Sexual Fox Culture which I will be presenting at specific conventions.
You can download the presentation here:

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hetero Asexual

Hetero Asexual or Hetero-romantic Asexual
Hetero meaning the liking or preference of the opposite gender. Asexual meaning the satisfaction with oneself.
To be a hetero Asexual can mean the possible definitions:
1. Likes or has preference of the opposite gender or the form of the opposite gender, but doesn’t not care or have a desire to seek a relationship with the opposite gender. Individuals with this type may also exclude female contact, or obtain a disregard or limitation to intimacy or sexuality with the opposite gender.
2. Has interest in the opposite gender’s form, but doesn't care for association with the opposite gender.
3. An individual who obtains a personal interest in the opposite gender, commonly arousal, but has no intention or desire to associate or engage in intimate relations with the opposite gender.