Friday, March 10, 2017

Sexual Fox Culture's Self-discipline Tradition

In Sexual Fox Culture, the sexual discipline to prevent genital penetration or intercourse is a self-discipline with a personal desire to keep one's virginity until marriage. This is the sexual culture's main tradition and core belief which helps maintain harmony, innocence, healthy friendly relationships, gender cohesion, family-like values, and overall the culture's integrity among members. Those who break this discipline and orient towards the nature of swinger culture aren't seen as entirely part of Sexual Fox Culture, however should still be respected, invited, and treated as any other member. However, we call these individuals Rammies and everyone should be aware of their sexual intentions. Those who had already experienced sexual intercourse before entering this culture are also respected and are equal to those who prize keeping their virginity, however if they break from tradition then they are also seen not entirely part of the sexual culture. Overall, it a culture of personal and social integrity. We respect everyone for who they are and what they believe.       

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sexual Fox Culture Seniority Hierarchy Phase List

Sexual Fox Culture Phase List to becoming part of hierarchy seniority list.

This is a phase list where participants can learn about our simple seniority hierarchy and how to become part of that seniority status.

Phase 1: Not afraid to show bra and panties loosely and casually.
Phase 2: Females are not afraid to be topless leisurely and casually. Males have established tolerance for female gender's body.
phase 3: Females are not afraid to be bottomless freely and casually. Females are not afraid to incorporate nudity into their own fashion.
phase 4: Females are not afraid to be nude leisurely and casually. Males are free to be nude or show partially nude body freely in allowed locations. Males are also okay to masturbate while covered by a towel when in proper location.
phase 5: Both genders have sexual tolerance, uphold and prize virginity and marriage, and have established gender cohesion and companionship.
phase 6: Females are not afraid to touch themselves openly and use toys freely and casually. Females are okay to engage sexually with other females.
phase 7: Married couples are not afraid to engage with each other sexually in front of others. All individuals are open to masturbating with each other and engaging in mutual masturbation or outercourse.
phase 8: Full fox status (seniority). Seniority gets most respect and sets example for culture. Seniority is established after all phases have been complete. Then seniority by date becomes relative.       

Illustrations Related to SFC Sexual Culture

Prayer for the Sexual Fox Culture Community

Prayer for the sexual fox culture community:

Every time we eat, have a picnic, or do an outdoor activity together, this is a prayer we do.

"Lord forgive us for the sins of the flesh. Nudity. Masturbation. Impure thoughts. Impure desires. Impure words. Impure material. Impure mediums of entertainment. And Impure acts with another. We wish to continue your holy will despite our shared culture. We are thankful for our bodies and the pleasure it gives us. We pray our culture brings us closer together, unifies us in harmony, and draws us closer to our faith. We pray for our community and to remain brothers and sisters before the lord and to avast from further sin beyond our culture. Amen."